This annual award is given by DUIDLA to an attorney who is inspiring and moving others by embodying the traits of Terry Wapner (kindness, generosity, tenacity) and whose work leaves a memorable imprint in the lives of their clients and fellow defenders. Terry Wapner was one of DUIDLA’s founding members, deeply beloved by all. He passed away suddenly in 2021.

The Terry Wapner Award for Excellence in Practice was created by the DUIDLA 2022 Board of Directors to honor and remember Terry Wapner and his legacy by recognizing and commending in other attorneys the precious qualities that made Terry’s life so impactful. It will be given at the fall seminar each year, following a nomination process and then a vote by that year’s Executive Committee.

The award is given based on the following criteria:

· Tenacity in practice and fighting for clients

· Generosity with time to teach and lead other attorneys

· Consistently inspiring kindness towards others

The deadline for entries is August 1st and the winner of the award will be announced at DUIDLA’s Fall Seminars.

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Terry Wapner Award Recipients

John C. Collins Arkansas ,

Evan Levow New Jersey ,