Please accept this as our official offer to have you join us as part of the faculty for the above seminar. Please complete and return this form to officially accept our offer. Delay in accepting the offer may require us to fill the spot on the agenda currently reserved for you. To save time you can type in the information on this form and return it via email without printing it off. Yes - that means you can do it right now! We also need a BIO or CV that we can submit with the CLE applications so that we can get CLE pre-approval. We need this form and your bio returned by Oct 15, 2020 to secure your room

    We thank you for helping us keep our seminar costs as low as possible. We typically cannot cover travel or room expenses but in this instance we are able to offer you (1) hotel room night as a thank you for participating in the seminar and you can attend the entire seminar without charge. Relative to your hotel reservations please see below.
  • Please DO NOT BOOK YOUR OWN HOTEL ROOM - even for the nights the DUIDLA is not covering, unless you are not staying at our hotel. We will book a room for you for the nights you desire. This ensures that you are in our room block and on the hotel master list. It also helps avoid confusion, double booking and (forgetful) speakers who have no rooms.
  • Please select the nights you need and we will book your room.
  • Again, thank you so much for joining our faculty for this seminar. It is going to be a great one. Tim Huey & Kyla Lee CLE Chairs - Alexis Deas, Seminar Coordinator - Deandra Grant, Executive Director