In addition to being top trial attorneys, many of our members are accomplished authors (and lecturers) who share their experience with others. Take a look at the many titles available from DUIDLA members:

Texas DWI Manual

Deandra M. Grant and Kimberly Griffin Tucker

Ohio OVI Defense

D. Timothy Huey, Steven R. Adams, and James Nesci

North Carolina DWI Defense

J. Scott Smith, James Nesci

New Jersey DWI Defense

Steven W. Hernandez, James Nesci

New Hampshire DWI Defense

James Nesci, Ryan Russman

Florida DUI Defense

Alan S. Bernstein, James Nesci

Colorado DUI Defense

Jay M. Tiftickjian, James Nesci

Arkansas DWI Defense

John C. Collins, James Nesci

Alabama DUI Defense: The Law and Practice (2021)

John T. Kirk, Patrick Mahaney, Whitney Polson, and James Nesci

West Virginia DUI Defense

Harley O. Wagner & James Nesci

Utah DUI Defense

Glen Neeley, Jason Schatz

Tiger Tactics

Jay Ruane