Ashley L. Jones is a graduate of Cleveland-Marshall College of Law where she focused her classes and activities on criminal law. Ms. Jones took criminal law during her first year of law school and from that moment on, she knew that criminal law was her calling, the reason she had gone to law school, her way to help people. Ms. Jones continued to take criminal law classes, soaking up as much knowledge as she could, and also was a criminal law teaching assistant for two years. Ms. Jones was a law clerk in two criminal defense law firms during her time in law school and that exposure taught her the practical experience of running a law firm. But Ms. Jones wanted to do everything she could to learn the art of being a trial lawyer, so she sought a spot on Cleveland Marshall’s Competition Mock Trial Team, gaining a spot and becoming a two year veteran member. During these two years, Ms. Jones traveled, in and out of the State of Ohio, to present cases to mock juries. Two years of these competitions gave Ms. Jones real life trial skills and knowledge so that when her first case in her own law practice went to trial, she didn’t blink an eye, and judgment was for her client. That first case was a landlord tenant dispute, one where the tenant desperately needed legal representation against a landlord who was acting unfairly. To win her first case in trial meant so much to Ms. Jones, but it meant more to the clients whose rights she protected. And so a law practice was birthed. A practice devoted to helping people, be it a civil or criminal case. At the end of the day, Ms. Jones is concerned with ensuring that rights are protected and that justice is administered fairly and appropriately. Part of that means running a practice that believes that everyone deserves an attorney at a fair price, especially in tough economic times.



Cleveland, Ohio.


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