William C. Head


DUIDLA Involvement

Area Served

All of Georgia, but the 19 metropolitan counties in the Atlanta metro area are 90% of that caseload.


Handling criminal law cases since 1976, Mr. Head is among the highest rated Criminal Lawyers in Atlanta. His law firm travels statewide to defend citizens facing all types of misdemeanor or felony criminal charges.


University of Georgia, BA in History, with honors, 1973 University of Georgia, Juris Doctor in Law, 1976,

Litigation Experience

The first criminal case tried by William C. Head (known as “Bubba Head” in Georgia and around the country) was a Clarke County State Court case in 1977 for shoplifting a bottle of Jean Nate cologne from a local store in Athens GA, and another case for child abandonment in Elbert County State Court. Criminal Defense Attorney Atlanta GA While he had handled burglary (his very first criminal cases, in Albany, GA, in July of 1976), as well as murder, drunk driving, aggravated assault, vehicular homicide GA and other criminal charges, but those GA criminal cases did not have to go to trial. The first-degree murder case was reduced to involuntary manslaughter and the accused client was released from the Clarke County jail on “time-served.” Another criminal defense case was in Clarke County Superior Court for felony drug possession, where a University of Georgia student’s locked room (in a subdivided Victorian home that had been converted to separate student apartments), and Mr. Head had his client’s case totally dismissed due to the defective warrant that only gave the property street address, and not the name of the individual apartment resident who was named in the warrant (who was not Mr. Head’s client). Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Handle Criminal Trials & Criminal Appeals After defending the female client at trial, Mr. Head successfully appealed the wrongful conviction of a bartender from the infamous Last Resort in Athens. The “lack of intent” defense to the charge was based on the fact that she had been told by the owners that the doorman was checking all IDs, and she need not check identification anyone who was admitted, before serving them. The trial judge made an error in instructing the jury on the intent element for that young woman who had been arrested for selling to an underage buyer (who was young police officer in street clothes). This excerpt from the Georgia Court of Appeals decision summed up the case facts: Appellant sold a glass of beer to an undercover police cadet who was 18½ years of age. Her sole defense was that she had no criminal intention, and no knowledge that the police cadet was a minor. Appellant was a bartender and had been instructed by the owners of the night club not to check I.D.s, as they had hired a doorman for that specific purpose and anyone in the club had been checked. This was corroborated by the testimony of the two owners and the doorman. (162 Ga.App. 491). The intermediate Court of Appeals overturned her conviction, and cleared her criminal record. The Court stated (in the jury instructions) that the trial judge did not: “advise the jury that a person will not be presumed to act with criminal intention.” So, this young woman walked away “scot-free” by trusting Bubba Head to defend her criminal case. Other Criminal Cases Handled by Our other Criminal Defense Attorneys in Atlanta GA Criminal Lawyer Atlanta Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer Larry Kohn and Cory Yager, law partners of Mr. Head, have never worked in any practice area except as criminal justice attorneys. Both criminal defense attorneys in Atlanta GA have been with Bubba Head since law school. Neither worked for any other Georgia attorneys and have been with Atlanta criminal defense lawyer Bubba Head for their entire legal careers. Since the category of alcohol and drug crimes are the type of criminal case with the largest demand for our law firm’s legal services, Mr. Head trained both of Atlanta criminal defense attorney Kohn and Atlanta defense attorney lawyer Yager in DUI Defense from day one of their legal careers. Yet, he has also welcomed the opportunity of mentoring both of them on misdemeanor and felony cases for the other 15% of the criminal defense law cases that are processed through our office each year. Most of the misdemeanors were traffic ticket cases or vehicle accidents (sometimes involving driving under the influence, hit and run, attempting to elude an officer, racing, or reckless driving GA). Criminal defense attorney Atlanta GA Kohn quietly and successfully handled the February 2015 UniverSoul elephant cruelty case at Atlanta Municipal Court. The owners of the circus had to find the best criminal defense attorney Atlanta for the case, because losing the case would have shut down their ability to use elephants in their show. Mr. Kohn, a well-known criminal lawyer in Atlanta, quietly won this non-jury trial at Atlanta Municipal Court based on lack of evidence. In his nearly 20 years with Mr. Head, criminal defense attorney Kohn has handled over 1500 criminal matters not involving DUI, ranging from traffic tickets to homicide by vehicle GA, and personal crimes ranging from sexting to date rape. Atlanta lawyer Cory Yager has handled more than 250 criminal matters not involving DUI in Georgia. A substantial number of these cases were involving marijuana possession, selling weed, drug possession drug trafficking, possession with intent to distribute and Internet crime, but he also has handled prostitution, pandering and other felony or misdemeanor crimes in Georgia. Other Types of Criminal Cases That Our Criminal Law Firm Accepts Each of our criminal defense lawyers in Atlanta GA have dozens of other criminal cases on their shelves that have no connection to alcohol, drugs or DUI. Although not a complete list, our three Atlanta criminal defense attorneys also handle these types of cases: Embezzlement Possession of marijuana (felony and misdemeanor) Theft by deception Family violence Fraud Hit and run Racing Drug trafficking Prostitution Bond forfeiture Failure to appear (FTA) Pandering Identity theft Grand theft auto Traffic tickets Underage drinking (Under 21 Minor in Possession) DUI and driving laws defense: Georgia DUI laws, DUI cost, DUI in Georgia, DUI vs DWI, vehicular homicide, first offense DUI, hit and run, homicide by vehicle, impaired driving, implied consent, lawyers near me, is a DUI a felony, DDS GA, driving under the influence, is a DUI a misdemeanor, municipal court, traffic ticket, misdemeanor, motion to suppress, arraignment, Atlanta DUI, Atlanta municipal court, breathalyzer, Atlanta traffic, reckless driving, serious injury by vehicle, child endangerment, drunk driving, BAC calculator, breath test General CRIMINAL DEFENSE: Miranda warning, fourth amendment, domestic violence, grand jury, trespass, family violence, felony, fifth amendment, first offender act, murder, aggravated assault, conviction definition, simple battery, attorney near me, probation violation, grand jury indictment, identity theft, grand larceny, indictment, criminal case, probation revocation, indictment definition, illegal search, homicide, criminal justice, criminal law POSSESSION OF DRUGS: weed laws, 4th Amendment, Miranda rights, 5th Amendment, attorneys near me, marijuana blood test, marijuana possession, paraphernalia, drug possession, possession of marijuana

Notable Cases

With over 200 appeals in Georgia (about 135 reported cases), the veteran litigator has handled appeals that have helped shape current Georgia DUI laws.

Instructional Experience

Mr. Head has been involved in teaching legal seminars since 1978. He has been an instructor, a speaker, and has chaired multi-day seminars. He started the Mastering Scientific Evidence in DUI-DWI Cases series in 1994. He was the the organizer of the National College of DUI Defense in 1995. He is a charter member of DUIDLA. He is a Life member is both the NACDL and the GACDL. In 43 years he has spoken at over 300 legal seminars.