Mark Rosenfeld


Area Served

Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, San Bernadino County


Attorney Mark Rosenfeld has been fighting for and successfully defending individuals' rights since graduating from law school in 1998. Mr. Rosenfeld has focused his practice over the years on handling only criminal cases and focusing on driving-related cases such as DUIs, vehicle homicides, and related DMV actions. Attorney Rosenfeld has extensive experience and training on criminal law and procedure as well as a focus on DUI cases. He is trained on breath and blood testing equipment and is qualified as a Standardized Field Sobriety Test administrator and instructor.


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Notable Cases

DMV v. SG DMV action Set-Aside (Not Guilty at the DMV). People v. Miguel DMV action Set-Aside (Not Guilty at the DMV). DMV v. Ivan APS action Set-Aside (DMV Not Guilty). People v. James Case Dismissed. DMV v. James O DMV action Set-Aside (Not Guilty at the DMV). People v. Ivan Case Dismissed. People v. Al Reduced to a trespass and some self help meetings. People v. Alfredo Dismissed People v. Rick Case Dismissed. People v. Henry Case Dismissed. People v. JJ DUI charges dismissed and plead to a “Wet Reckless” no jail time. People v. Denise Case Dismissed. People v. Jorden R. DUI charges dismissed People v Corey R. Settled - No jail. People v. Beth K - Torrance Case dismissed. People v. Glenn No jail People v. Luis Case Rejected, no charges filed People v. Courtney M Jury trial, found Not Guilty of DUI and Not Guilty of possession of cocaine. People v. Nick Reduction to an infraction People v. Jody S. No charges filed, criminal DUI case rejected. People v. John - Metro Hung Jury, DUI dismissed. People v. Lessette - Torrance DMV action set-aside and driver's license returned. Court case dismissed. People v. Isreal - Compton DUI charges dismissed. People v. Aaron Reduction to a Wet Reckless People v. Robert DUI dismissed, plead to a one point speed People v. Edgar M. Set Aside no DMV revocation or suspension. People v. Roberto V. Baised on legal objections and motions the case was dismissed. People v. Patrick K. Dismissed People v. Dan M Dismissed People v. Santos U. Dismissed People v. Sasha S. Plea no contest to one hit and run for probation and 10 days trash pick up. No DUI or second hit and run. People v. Shannon B. Felony reduced to misdemeanor and no jail settlement via plea bargain. People v. A.H. Felony reduced to misdemeanor and no jail settlement via plea bargain. People v. F.K. Jury Trial Hung & All Charges Dismissed People v. Marco P. Rejected/Dismissed People v. Greg R. DUI dismissed, plead to reckless driving. DMV set-aside no suspension because of testing errors. People v. A.C. Dismissed People v. Sam M. Case rejected, no charges filed, Arrested removed from the record. People v. Rick - LAX DUI dismissed. Plead no contest to an two point speed contest. People v. Melissa R. DUI dismissed. Reduced to two tickets. People v. A.D. - Metropolitan Hung 7 to 5 for Not Guilty People v A.L. Dismissed People v. L.R. Dismissed People v. B.L. DUI dismissed and plea entered for a non-alcohol reckless driving People v. A.M. Case rejected, not filed. Francisco - Metropolitan Acquittal, Not Guilty All Charges People v. J DUI dismissed, reduced to Exhibition of Speed People v. S. Dismissed People v. P 9 out of 12 jurors voted Not Guilty F. L. - Metropolitan Eight day jury trial resulted in a hung jury 8 for not guilty 4 for guilty. D.M. - LAX DMV: Set Aside DUI: Dismissed Pled to wet reckless J.A. - LAX DUI dismissed Pled to wet reckless E.C. - San Fernando Valley DUI dismissed Pled to reckless driving J.T. - Metropolitan DUI dismissed Pled no contest to exhibition of speed S.W. - Torrance Not Guilty C.F. - LAX Not Guilty W.M. - LAX DMV: Set Aside No other charges filed G.A. - Pasadena No charges filed William - San Fernando Not Guilty S.M. - Long Beach Not Guilty R.E. - Downey Dismissed on Motion D. G. - Beverly Hills Dismissed on Motion J.G. - Metropolitan No charges filed

Instructional Experience

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