Lisa Hoing


Area Served

Central Texas


Lisa Rasmussen Hoing received her Juris Doctor from the University of Nebraska in 2002. Lisa specialized in both the Criminal Litigation Skills Track and Civil Litigation Skills Track during her tenure at the University. After graduation, she was deputized as a Deputy County Attorney in Dawson County and was responsible for the prosecution of criminal cases, juvenile cases, and mental health cases. As a prosecutor, Lisa had a stellar record including felony convictions for drugs, violent crimes, sex crimes, property crimes, and white collar crimes. Lisa was also responsible for providing legal advice to law enforcement agencies and acting as county coroner during on-call hours. In 2007, Lisa relocated to Austin, Texas to be closer to family. She continued her career as a prosecutor by serving as Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Prosecutions Division of the State of Texas Attorney General. Lisa handled criminal cases across the state as district attorney pro tem for conflict cases and assisted elected officials with their prosecution of difficult criminal cases. During her term as an Assistant Attorney General, Lisa obtained felony convictions on Possession and Promotion of Child Pornography, Continuing Sexual Abuse of a Child, Sexual Assault of a Child, Injury to a Child, Child Endangerment, Indecency with a Child; Online Solicitation of a Minor, and Homicide. In 2013, Lisa opened her own law office to provide the citizens of Texas with the type of legal representation they deserve. Lisa is a proud member of the Texas Bar College which is an honorary society of lawyers who are among the best trained attorneys in Texas. Members are qualified attorneys who are interested in both high ethical standards and improved training for all Texas attorneys. She also stays active as a member of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association, the Williamson County Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association, and as an Ambassador for the Texas chapter of the DUI Defense Lawyer’s Association. Lisa prides herself on the numerous dismissals she has obtained. She fights hard for every client and believes that the best defense is an aggressive offense.


JD - University of Nebraska

Litigation Experience

17 years criminal litigation experience.