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Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Manhattan


When your freedom is on the line, there is no better person to turn to than Arkady Bukh, Esq. An experienced attorney across varying specialties of law who has enabled a multitude of his clients to fight against unfair charges and receive reduced sentences or dismissals of serious crimes. It’s not often that you come across someone of Mr. Bukh’s caliber, either--he has not only consulted and spoken on popular news networks, but he’s also involved in numerous community efforts as well as prestigious law groups to further his knowledge of his craft. Established in 2006, Mr. Bukh’s firm has helped countless clients to get their lives back on track after a run-in with the law. Whether it’s related to healthcare law, family law, or criminal defense, Mr. Bukh has your best interests in mind and will fight as hard as it takes to win your case. There are few lawyers in the NYC area with the qualifications that Mr. Bukh can boast, but he’s not overconfident. He’d rather work hard and keep his head down until a case is won, rather than pass off his work to inexperienced associates or those who may not specialize in your particular case. One thing you get when you choose Bukh Law Firm is personalized attention and expertise aimed at helping you get back on your feet and secure your freedom. No matter how many clients Mr. Bukh is currently dealing with, he will give your case his eagle eye and unwavering focus. Whether it’s a DUI that’s weighing you down or something more serious like fraud and embezzlement charges, Mr. Bukh should be the first person that you dial when you need legal assistance. He has worked on high-profile cases, such as an accused accomplice of the Boston Marathon bomber who was sentenced with a lighter penalty than his other co-conspirators due to Mr. Bukh’s hard work. If you need a set of eyes on your case that will ensure your future is safe, call the Bukh Law Firm today to schedule your consultation to get started. Don’t leave it in the hands of fate--take charge with a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side who will work his hardest to create a pathway forward for you and your family.