Tim Huey


DUIDLA Involvement

Area Served

Ohio DUI Defense Attorney in: Columbus. Delaware, Marysville, Newark, Lancaster, Upper Arlington, Grandview Heights, Marble Cliff, Worthington, Dublin, New Albany


DUIDLA JUSTICE FOUNDATION TRUSTEE 2014-2015 DUILDA BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2015-2016 DUIDLA PRESIDENT-ELECT 2017 DUIDLA PRESIDENT 2018 -He is a member in good standing with the Ohio Bar Association. -He has been helping people save their licenses and their freedom for over 15 years. -He is admitted to practice before both Ohio and the Federal Courts. -He spends over 12 hours per month researching the latest cases, legal treatises, scientific literature, and articles on the subject of drunk driving defense allowing him to be on the cutting edge of DUI defense at all times. -He has never been disciplined by the State Bar. -He is doggedly independent, and believes in challenging everything for his clients' defense to be successful. -Clients come from across Ohio and from other states to retain his services. He focuses on cases in the Columbus, Delaware, Dublin, Grandview Heights, Lancaster, Marble Cliff, Marysville, New Albany, Newark, Upper Arlington and Worthington areas. -He is an Ohio Delegate to the National College for DUI Defense. He has been formally trained to administer field sobriety tests including the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus eye test. He is N.T.S.A Certified. -He is a frequent lecturer and author on OHIO DUI law.