David Saperstein


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David E. Saperstein is first, and foremost, a trial lawyer. He is in his element, at his best, when he is advocating for his clients in the courtroom. David inhabits a courtroom, in any number of counties in Wisconsin, on an almost daily basis. Throughout a nearly twenty-year career, he has defended his clients’ interests in countless jury trials and court trials in circuit and municipal courts throughout the state. Although serious felony, misdemeanor, and intoxicated driving cases make up the largest percentage of his work, David also handles quasi-criminal “forfeiture” matters, civil restraining orders, mental commitments and juvenile delinquency proceedings. He also represents clients in criminal appeals. The courtroom is the stage where the client’s story is told, and David’s background as a Chicago conservatory-trained theater actor gives him a decided advantage in that arena. He understands that meticulous preparation and mastery of the facts and law are essential, but also improvisation, confidence on your feet and an ability to read the room make for a winning performance. His confidence and preparation have resulted in many acquittals, but also in many more dismissals short of trial. David concentrates his practice defending individuals who have been accused of committing crimes in Wisconsin, and a significant portion includes defending client’s accused of intoxicated driving offenses (DUI/OWI), whether they are charged in municipal or circuit courts. David has received specialized training in intoxicated driving defense, including Mastering Scientific Evidence in DUI Cases, sponsored by the National College for DUI Defense, and graduating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Practitioner’s Course, the same specialized training that a law enforcement officer takes to administer roadside Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. David earned his law degree (JD) from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from The Theatre School at DePaul University in Chicago. David is a member of the State Bar of Wisconsin, DUI Defense Lawyers Association, National College of DUI Defense, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Dane County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Dane County Bar Association and Iowa County Bar Association.


DePaul University College of Law, J.D. 1995