Connie D'Angelo


DUIDLA Involvement

Area Served

Eastern Region, Ontario, Canada - Ottawa, L'Orignal, Brockville, Perth, Kingston


Connie has been a lawyer since February, 1993. She has over thirty years of experience in the successful defence of some of the highest profile cases in Canada and Ontario, often navigating intense media and scrutiny relating to these clients. These cases include, politicians, police officers, athletes, celebrities, and regulated professionals. She was called to the Bar of Ontario (Canada), in February 1993, and has practiced exclusively in the area of criminal law. She is one of the most senior female criminal defence lawyers in Canada. Connie has exceptional experience in the preparation and defence of drinking and driving cases (DUI), motor vehicle fatalities, homicides, drug offences, sexual offences, offences of violence, white collar crime, breach of trust and obstruction of justice, property offences, representing police officers charged criminally and/or with disciplinary offences under the Police Services Act, at disciplinary hearings, and advising police officers in the course of investigations conducted by the Special Investigations Unit, as well as large complex cases. Connie has unique experience in representing police officers. It is because of this experience, that she is well-versed in the areas of police/law enforcement training, investigative protocols and procedures, police use of force, and the policies and legislation that govern police conduct in the discharge of their powers and duties, and their interactions with the public. She has the ability and skill-set to assess the strength and weaknesses, of the prosecution’s case, and critically evaluate the police investigation against people charged. These skills, together with her formidable legal knowledge, and preparation, enables her to provide strategic analysis from the outset. Connie’s understanding of social context and its inter-connection with the criminal justice system, enables her to be insightful of the needs, problems, and challenges that confront many of the people who find themselves criminally charged. As a first generation Italian-Canadian, and active community volunteer, she is acutely aware of the social, financial, and racial barriers, along with the mental health and addiction challenges, that face many in our diverse community of today. She is also very passionate about representing Indigenous persons in light of the injustices they have experienced from the system. In light of her commitment to access to justice, Connie also accepts Legal Aid Certificates. If you are in need of legal representation feel free to contact Connie at 613 808 - 2508, or by email at


Bachelor of Social Sciences, Concentration Criminology, University of Ottawa, 1988; Magna Cum Laude Bachelor of Law, University of Ottawa, 1991; Magna Cum Laude Called to the Bar of Ontario, 1993 Foundations of Judicial Competencies Certificate Program, Ontario Bar Association, 2021

Litigation Experience

Noted for high profile and complex cases.

Instructional Experience

Connie has guest lectured at the Police Foundations Program, Algonquin College.