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Chuck Ramsay, a board certified criminal law specialist, emphasizes the science of DWI in his practice. He has uncovered critical errors in Minnesota’s forensic science labs over the years. Before becoming co-lead counsel in the Intoxilyzer Source Code Coalition, he discovered that the Intoxilyzer 5000 erroneously reported drivers to have provided a deficient sample (“refusal”) when the sample was actually sufficient. He and his partner, Dan Koewler, were the impetus behind the BCA calculating and reporting the Uncertainty of Measurement on the breath test records. Recently, a judge agreed that their clients’ breath tests were not valid and reliable where the DataMaster “rounded up,” by reporting a result higher than what was actually measured. This year, he discovered the DataMasters’ breath sample acceptance criteria is incorrect; and contrary to BCA publications, teachings, and testimony. Chuck not only represents his own clients, but a sizable (and growing) percentage of his case load is devoted to his forensic law practice -- being hired by other criminal defense attorneys for consultation and to litigate drug & alcohol cases.


1992 B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison 1995 J.D., William Mitchell College of Law 2005 Graduate, Robert F. Borkenstein Course on Alcohol and Highway Safety at the University of Indiana 2011 DataMaster Supervisor Course, NPAS, Mansfield Ohio 2015 American Chemical Society “Forensic Lawyer-Scientist” designation (ACS-CHAL)