Sean K. Hessler


DUIDLA Involvement


As a lawyer in Indianapolis, Sean Hessler has embraced the role of a “small town lawyer in a big city.” That doesn’t mean he doesn’t take on big cases, but it does mean that no matter how big or small your criminal charge, you’ll get personal attention from Hessler Law throughout every step of your case. Customer service is the highest priority at Hessler Law and you will be kept informed about your case every step of the way. Sean is a native of Indiana who wanted to spend his career representing people who were in trouble and needed help. He was raised to value the rewards of helping others and knew that as an attorney he could be a voice for people who often aren’t heard in the system. He attended law school in Indianapolis, knowing that the state’s capital city — and largest city — was where he could do the most good. While a student at Indiana University School of Law, he developed a passion for criminal law and justice while working in internships in a prosecutor’s office and a public defender’s office. After law school, he spent eight years working as a deputy prosecutor in Marion County specializing in drug and gang cases, and earned first-hand knowledge and experience of how criminal courts operate. He then decided to go into practice as a Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer because he saw a need for someone to fight for the rights of defendants through the Indiana criminal court process, and with his experience he knew he could be that person. Since opening his own firm, Sean has focused on providing hands-on customer service and zealous representation to people accused of crimes. He understands that a criminal charge can be extremely stressful, and defendants often feel a tremendous amount of fear, uncertainty, and anxiety about what’s going to happen to them. In addition, Sean can help you with family law matters in Indiana. It’s Sean’s priority to listen to every client and hear their side of the story, to explain every step of the process from investigation to trial, and to represent them in a manner that’s tough, but professional.


Juris Doctor, Indiana University School of Law Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Monmouth University