The DUIDLA Justice Foundation is DUIDLA’s charitable arm. We believe that educating lawyers is the best way to improve our system of justice. Educating financially blessed lawyers is not enough. We must also educate public defenders, young lawyers, and struggling lawyers who might not otherwise be able to afford high-level training that the DUIDLA and its affiliates offer.

We also believe that a national organization like DUIDLA should spend its money on making our justice system better, not paying for vacations for its Board of Directors. With those goals in mind, the Justice Foundation was born. The Justice Foundation financially supports the education of lawyers across the US and Canada.

A large portion of all money brought in by the DUIDLA will go directly to the Justice Foundation. Also, DUIDLA members donate money to the Foundation in their support of high-end education.

Those who receive scholarships, travel expenses, etc will be expected to go back to their communities and offices and educate fellow lawyers on the skills they learned from DUIDLA and its affiliates.

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