Our members epitomize the most committed DUI lawyers across North America. They are dedicated to the idea that through enhanced knowledge and capabilities, they will be better prepared to deal with these often technically complex cases.

Eric Benavides Houston, TX

Anthony Benitez Indianapolis, IN

Kevin Bennett Austin, TX

Alex Berger Marquette, MI

Joseph Bernard Springfield, MA

Bart Betteau New Albany, IN

Scott Bischoff Charleston, SC

Stephen R. Biss Mississauga, ON

Sanjay Biswas frisco, TX

Dylan Blackwell Conroe, TX

Richard Blevins Marietta, GA

Nicky Boatwright Lubbock, TX

Sol Bobst Houston, TX

Patrick Bordallo Conroe, TX

Aaron Bortel San Francisco, CA

Michael A. Boske Canton, OH

Kenneth A. Bossin Cleveland, OH

Gregory Boulahanis Dearborn, MI

Morgan Bourque Spring, TX

Michael Bowser Chelmsford, MA

Seth Brackman Manhattan, KS

Kyle Brandon Cheyenne, WY

John Brangwin East Wenatchee, WA

Hallye Braud Baton Rouge, LA

Melissa Brickey Fort Collins, CO

Matt Brock Chattanooga, TN