Our members epitomize the most committed DUI lawyers across North America. They are dedicated to the idea that through enhanced knowledge and capabilities, they will be better prepared to deal with these often technically complex cases.

Susan Williams Summerville, SC

Charlie H. Williams, III Orangeburg, SC

Greg Willis Atlanta, GA

William Willis Mooresville, NC

Eric Wilson St Marys, OH

Robert Winterton New Hampton, IA

Michael Wise Sacramento, CA

Gregg A. Wisotsky Parsippany, NJ

Nicholas Wooldridge Las Vegas, NV

Michael Worgul Pittsburgh, PA

Chase Wortham Phoenix, AZ

Steven Wright Plano, TX

Brad Wright Martinsburg, WV


Randy Yates Houston, TX

Ronnie Yeates Conroe, TX

Frank Yee Franklin, MA

Elmer Young Savannah, GA

Elizabeth Young Alamaso, Colorado

Makenzie Zarate Dallas, TX

Scott Zeigler Harrisburg, PA

Jonathan Zendeh Del Galveston, TX

Gary Zerola Boston, MA