Our members epitomize the most committed DUI lawyers across North America. They are dedicated to the idea that through enhanced knowledge and capabilities, they will be better prepared to deal with these often technically complex cases.

Kevin Jensen Dillon, Colorado

Eric G Johnson Minden, LA

Cleve Johnson Columbus, OH

Brian Johnson Danville, IN

David Johnson Noblesville, IN

Kyle Johnson Franklin, IN

Andrew Johnston Spartanburg, SC

James Sidney Jones Cleveland, OH

Soraya Joslin Weatherford, TX

Brian Joslyn Columbus, OH

Adam Justinger Fargo, ND

Edward Kafka Belleville, ON

Philip Kalil Derry, NH

Douglas Kans Bloomington, MN

Jeremey Katrycz Ft. Worth, TX

Blaise Katter Columbus, OH

Robert Keates Austin, TX

Robert Keating Fort Worth, TX

Cory Keith Phoenix, AZ

Joseph Kelly Dedham, MA

Michael Kelly Wilkes-Barre, PA

Clay Kennedy Louisville, KY

Joe Kennedy Beaufort, NC

Charles K. Kenyon Madison, WI

Deborah Kernan Weatherford, TX

Sabah Khalaf Tulsa, OK

Colleen Kirby Ellicott City, MD

Thomas Kissell Clayton, MO