Our members epitomize the most committed DUI lawyers across North America. They are dedicated to the idea that through enhanced knowledge and capabilities, they will be better prepared to deal with these often technically complex cases.

Grant Gottgetreu Coquitlam, BC

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inez grant gillsville, GA

Michelle Grawet San Deigo, CA

Dr. Paul Greenberg New York City, NY

Bradley Groene Cincinnati, OH

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David C. Hardaway San Marcos, TX

Leonard D. Harden Lancaster, NH

William S. Hardman, Jr. Gainesville, GA

Kevin Hargis Chattanooga, TN

Jennifer Harmon Mansfield, OH

Joann Harms Mt Prospect, IL

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Russell Hebets Denver, CO

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Joseph Higgins Hanover, MA

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Lisa Hoing Georgetown, TX

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A. Randolph Hough Columbia, SC

Johnny Houston Chattanooga, TN

Mitchell John Howie Huntsville, AL