Our members epitomize the most committed DUI lawyers across North America. They are dedicated to the idea that through enhanced knowledge and capabilities, they will be better prepared to deal with these often technically complex cases.

Megan Bishop Greeley, Colorado

Stephen R. Biss Mississauga, ON

sanjay biswas frisco, TX

Richard Blevins Marietta, GA

James L. Blumberg Apple Valley, MN

William T. Bly Biddeford, ME

Nicky Boatwright Lubbock, TX

Nick Boggs Louisville, KY

Brian Bolton Denton, TX

Michael A. Boske Canton, OH

Kenneth A. Bossin Cleveland, OH

Gregory Boulahanis Dearborn, MI

Patrick Bowers Bakersfield, CA

Stephen Bowling Austin, TX

Michael Bowser Chelmsford, MA

Monique Bracey PLANO, TX

Brennon Brady Wichita Falls, TX

John Brangwin East Wenatchee, WA

William Breeze Durham, NC

Shawn C. Brown San Antonio, TX

Casey M. Brown Myrtle Beach, SC

Alexander Brown Phoenix, AZ

Jeffrey Brown Ft. Worth, TX

Ryan Patrick Brown Amarillo, TX

Robert Bruce Rock Hill, SC

Dorothy Buck Fayetteville, TN

Sam Byrd Chattanooga, TN