Mr. RC Pate is a criminal defense lawyer and was born and raised in Corpus Christi, TX. He grew up watching his father in trial as both an attorney and later a judge. After two and a half years at the DA’s office, Mr. Pate left to become the founder of The Law Office of RC Pate, a firm focusing on criminal representation. For a year and a half, he was of counsel to a law firm that almost exclusively represented DWI clients. His work has attracted the attention of numerous people. For the last four years, Mr. Pate has been hired to help resolve or assist in cases by the biggest and best defense attorneys in central Texas. RC was designated by the American Chemical Society as a Forensic Lawyer-Scientist. What does that mean? It means he took the time to learn the science behind how the government tests your blood and breath in a DWI case. He has taken about 160 hours of training on the various instruments used in this science covering everything from theory to hands on training. After all those classes he had to take a pretty tough test. RC was the 33rd lawyer in the world to be granted the designation by the American Chemical Society and only the 8th in Texas. In addition to his legal practice, Mr. Pate coaches soccer to his daughter's CYO soccer team in the San Antonio area, and co captains an adult team with his wife that has placed int he state tournament each of the last 3 years.



San Antonio, Texas.