Evan Levow

Immediate Past President: Evan Levow (NJ/PA)

Deandra Grant

President: Deandra Grant (TX)

Tim Huey

President-elect: Tim Huey (OH)

Jeremy Brehmer

Treasurer: Jeremy Brehmer (CA)

Drew Carroll

1st Vice President: Drew Carroll (SC)

John Thurston

2nd Vice President: John Thurston (KS)

Michele Tjader

Secretary: Michele Tjader (WI)

DUIDLA Directors

Richard Middlebrook

Richard Middlebrook (CA)

Kim Keheley Frye

Kim Keheley Frye (GA)

Harley Wagner

Harley Wagner (WV)

John Collings

John Collins (AR)

Mark Thiessen

Mark Thiessen (TX)

Mike Nichols

Mike Nichols (MI)

Rob McKinney (TN)

Scott Wonder

Scott Wonder (WA)

Sarah Toney

Sarah Toney (IL)

Evan Levow (NJ)

Scott Joye

Scott Joye (SC)

Glynn Delatte

Glynn Delatte (LA)

Bob Keefer

Bob Keefer (VA)

Tim Bussey

Tim Bussey (CO)

Jamie Balagia

Jamie Balagia (TX)

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